Microsoft Dynamics AX - Copying a Grid to Excel

This article will cover how to copy a grid in AX to a spreadsheet, and save it to your local C: drive.

In AX, navigate to File > Tools > Options


The General screen will display.

Expand the Miscellaneous section.


In the [Export to Microsoft Excel] area.

Make sure the [Workbook supports refresh:] is set to [When possible]

[Remote Desktop session exports to:] is set to [Client Excel]

[Export location] is set to [tsclient\C\Users\yourlogin\Desktop\]   (tsclient is the terminal server clients local system – or in other words, your local system)

If that is where you want it to be stored.

For example, if your name is Tracy Jones and you work for Shinola, you will use something like:


And for Filson users – something like:


The grid can also be saved to your Documents folder instead of on the Desktop (just use Documents wherever it says Desktop).

Once you enter the [Export location], you can click on [Open export location] to make sure you have access from the terminal server.

You can also check [confirm export of large number of records:] – if you do copy some large amounts of data.

Using this setup slows down the initial populating of the spreadsheet but saves you time in the long run since it is already on your system and closes a lot quicker.

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