Hosting a Meeting with Microsoft Teams

Getting up and going as quickly as possible using Teams for video conferencing.

While there are several ways to host a meeting with Microsoft Teams, this article covers the two most-common methods:

  • Meet Now, which starts a meeting immediately, and allows you to invite someone via email, or directly if they are a coworker.
  • Scheduled Meetings, which allows you to create a Teams-enabled meeting on your calendar. An invite containing join information is sent to each participant.

Note: Every Teams meeting has a capacity of 250 participants, and each participant can join via voice, video, or phone call (if the host has the appropriate licensing). The Microsoft Teams software is free to download and use, however it is not required to participate in, or even host, a Teams meeting.

Meet Now

The following steps are a quick and easy way start an ad-hoc style meeting, immediately, that will allow anybody to join:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams application, and click on the Calendar in the left navigation pane.


  2. Next, click the Meet now button in the upper-right corner.


  3. Then, click the Join now button after making sure your camera and microphone are functional to your liking.


  4. Once the meeting has begun, in the People pane, enter the names of the colleagues you'd like to invite, or, if you need to invite someone outside the Bedrock organization, click the link button to copy meeting join information to your clipboard, then paste it into an email.


    If the invitee is a colleague, they will be notified via the Teams app that someone is asking them to join:


Your guests can use the instructions emailed to them to join the meeting, as well, if they are not Teams users.

Scheduled Meetings

The best way to meet via Teams is to add an event on everyone's calendar that contains the information necessary to attend. To do so:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams application, and click on the Calendar in the left navigation pane.


  2. Click the New meeting button.


  3. Fill in your meeting details, including participants, and click Send. The resultant meeting will appear on your Outlook calendar, as well as the calendar of others, and will contain the meeting join information.


  4. Shortly before the meeting start time, navigate to the Calendar in Teams once again, and you'll see a Join button over your meeting, which you may click to join and start your meeting. If you do not, simply click the meeting itself, then click the Join button.


Admitting Participants

Meeting participants within the organization should automatically be joined into meetings, however those not in the Bedrock org are dropped into a "lobby," and will need to be admitted by the meeting organizer. As these participants join, you will be prompted to admit them by the Teams app:


Simply click Admit, and they are joined into the meeting. If you need to create a meeting where your non-Bedrock participants need to proceed directly into the meeting, click the Meeting options button in the meeting details:


...then enable the option to allow users to bypass the lobby:



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