Troubleshooting VPN Issues

When experiencing issues connecting to VPN (AX will not connect or shared drives cannot be accessed) there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue before contacting IT support.

  1. Are you connected to the internet?
  2. Can you access either or (whichever one you belong to)?


     3.  Do you have Pulse Secure VPN running? In Windows you should find the icon in your system tray: 


          On a Mac it can be found on the menu bar or in the /Applications/folder:    


     4.   If you do not see the application as noted above, reboot the workstation and log back in. If you                  still do not see the Pulse Secure application, contact . 

            If you do see the application as noted above, go to the applicable VPN site.

      5.  Select "Office VPN User".  Note:  Something familiar to the following may display:

           Select either 'Sign In' or 'OK'


 6  Select "Open Pulse ...."       


     If you receive a message that the App launcher is not installed, select 'Download' to install the app,

7.   Once the installation is complete, repeat steps 4 through 6. Then you should finally see the following:


8. If you receive any error messages saying that you do not have access to complete the installation,              follow these instructions Connecting the Bedrock VPN . 

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