Connecting to the Bedrock Network with VPN

How to connect to the Bedrock company network using virtual private networking (VPN).


  • Approval from your department manager for remote access.
  • A VPN license, provisioned by the Service Desk. If you do not have this, please reach out to the Bedrock Service Desk to request a license, CCing your department manager.
  • The Pulse Secure application, installed by Service Desk. You may already have this if you have previously been configured for VPN access to the Bedrock network.


Once you have verified that you meet the prerequisites above:

  1. Open a browser, and navigate to the VPN endpoint for the company for which you work:
  2. As this system uses Microsoft single-sign-on (SSO), you may already be logged in, and will be taken to the next step. If you are not already logged in, you will be presented with the familiar Microsoft sign on page for Bedrock. Enter your credentials, and provide additional authentication factors as necessary.


  3. Depending on which security groups you belong to, you will be presented with a list of Roles. Choose Office VPN User.


  4. You will see the following screen. If the Pulse Secure application does not automatically appear after 60 seconds, you will be informed that the launcher is not installed, and asked to install it. Click the Download button to download the launcher, and install it (which should only take a few seconds).


    If you have already been set up for VPN, and your software is up to date, you will automatically be connected at this point. If not, please proceed to step 5.
  5. Once the Application Launcher is installed, click the Try Again link. You will then be presented with a dialog box, in which you can click the Open button:


    If your Pulse software requires an update, it will automatically download and install the necessary update:
    Note: If you are presented with a prompt for administrative access, please reach out to the Bedrock Service Desk for assistance.

Once updated, your session should automatically begin, connecting you to the network. You will have access to all of the necessary resources you would while in the office (RemoteApps such as Dynamics AX, Bartender, etc., as well as file servers). You can tell if you're connected by looking for the green arrow over the "S" icon in your menu bar (Mac) or system tray (Windows, pictured below).



Once you have concluded your work, please disconnect from the VPN by clicking on the Pulse icon in your menu bar/system tray, then selecting Disconnect in the connection shown.


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