IT Service Desk Ticket Priorities


Support tickets are categorized according to a severity or business impact scale. Bedrock IT support efforts are prioritized based on the business impact of the issue, and on the support level of the organization, the technology area and/or operating level agreement with third-party vendors.

Technical support requests within a severity level are generally processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Urgent/Critical (severity 1) and High (severity 2) business impact requests that require an immediate response or direct help of technical support specialists may be processed out of turn.

When submitting a Support ticket, you are requested to supply detailed information (such as name and version of any software, product, platform, example machines, steps to reproduce, exact error messages, logs, changes made to the system or environment prior to the issue, etc.) for the Bedrock IT support staff to properly identify and diagnose the issue and speed up response and resolution of the ticket. Failure to supply this information upon request may result in delays of issue resolution.

Bedrock IT technical support cannot guarantee a fixed problem resolution period due to a number of influencing factors, amongst them:

  • Requestor's timely replies
  • Response time of a third-party company
  • The need to prepare and release hotfix, software update, new features, etc.

The Business Impact / Severity of a support ticket is set according to the guidelines listed below. Since it is not possible to define every possible condition or technical situation, this document can only provide guidance.

1 – Urgent/Critical

Production application down or major malfunction resulting in a product inoperative condition. The specific functionality is mission-critical to the business and the situation is considered an emergency.


  • Bedrock IT servers or services completely unusable (Bedrock IT services will not start, or web pages are giving ASP error, etc.).
  • Bedrock IT related issue that stops all sales, manufacturing, payroll or a similar issue that affects all users or all users at a Bedrock location.
  • A physical or virtual security breach that disables the ability of Bedrock to conduct normal business. A user has provided credentials to a potentially nefarious actor.
  • Complete power or internet connectivity outage.
  • Critical systems are down (see list)

 Critical Qualifying Applications

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Dynamics AX
  • ClipperShip/Parcel
  • EDI
  • Point of Sale
  • Network Connectivity
  • Email

Support Effort

Urgent Priority situations require maximum effort from Bedrock IT, until an emergency fix is developed, or workaround is available. If the authorized or designated contact is not available to engage in this effort, Bedrock IT Support may reduce the severity level.

2 - High

Loss of functionality or performance resulting in the inability to perform normal functions. Major feature/product failure; inconvenient workaround or no workaround exists. A system or service is usable but severely limited. The business will be impacted if a solution is not implemented the same business day or as soon as humanly possible.


  • Service interruptions to some, but not all, modules (Modules not functional for some users but functional for others. WOW fails to generate any reports).
  • Time-sensitive issue reported, which may adversely affect billing, monitoring or productivity (Invoices cannot be generated, email is being delayed for a high number of people, DC printing is reduced to a single usable printer, network connectivity has intermittent outages).
  • In Production systems, important tasks cannot be performed, but issue(s) do not impair essential operations (Server performance is slow but usable, all reports are giving errors).
  • An issue that does not prevent normal business but inhibits some operations. (Sales are processing, but receipt printer isn’t working. Power is out in a portion of the office, but most users can still work using laptops and Wi-Fi).

Support Effort

Requires intensive support effort from Bedrock IT, and in some cases, a vendor, until a fix is developed, or workaround is available.

High Priority situations do not generally require Bedrock IT personnel to be at their respective work locations on an around-the-clock basis. Bedrock IT will work with the business to determine what effort is required. If the authorized or designated contact is not available to engage in this effort, Bedrock IT may reduce the severity level.

3 – Normal/Medium

Moderate loss of functionality or performance resulting in impacted in their normal functions. Minimal feature or product degradation—not impacting business operations.


  • The system is up and running, but the problem causes non-negligible impact. A workaround exists, but it is only temporary (A report can be triggered manually but does not run when scheduled.)
  • It does not prevent the operation of a production system or there is some degradation in performance (The issue affects only one company or location).
  • Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions (Manager cannot run a report that determines what their workforce focuses on that day).
  • A sales associate is able to complete customer transactions, but follow-up is required due to workaround employed due to POS issue encountered.

Support Effort

Requires moderate support effort from Bedrock IT until a fix is developed, or workaround is available. Normal/Medium Priority situations do not require around-the-clock effort.

4 - Low

Minor loss of application functionality, product feature requests, how-to questions (user training).


  • The problem does not have a significant impact or occurs in functionality that is not critical or frequently used.
  • There are no extenuating circumstances that would require this issue to be resolved outside of published support hours (general questions about the functionality of a particular item, or requests for clarification or updates in the documentation).
  • The problem causes little impact on operations or a reasonable workaround for the problem has been implemented.
  • The problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations.
  • Product Feature Request question.

Support Effort

Requires low support effort from Bedrock IT until a fix is developed, a workaround is available or an answer to the requestor question has been provided.

Low Impact situations do not require around-the-clock effort.

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