Atlas 6.4 PROD Instructions

 Refresh RemoteApp

**Please note that refreshing the Remote app step should only be done the FIRST time you try connecting.  You should NOT have to do this step ever again. You can now start with the Login Instructions (page 2)

  1. Click the Start button at the bottom-left of your desktop
  2. Type 'RemoteApp' (without the quotes) to search for the remote application settings
  3. Click on 'RemoteApp and Desktop Connections'
  4. Click on Properties


     5Click the Update Now button, enter your credentials (if asked), then click Finish


  6. Click OK to return to the previous screen and then close the RemoteApp and Desktop          Connections window 


Login Instructions 

  1. Click on the Start in the search field, type Atlas 6.4 Logon.  As there are multiple versions of Atlas, please make sure you select the one called Atlas 6.4 Logon (Work Resources)


2. Your account should already be provisioned to work for Atlas 6.4, and you should be able to log in using your normal username/password. The first time you login, you may be prompted to Activate Atlas.  If so, enter you First/Last Names as well as your email.  If successful, it will say  that you are Logged in. 




Note: Atlas 64 TEST may also be in red font

Open Excel Via Work Resources

3.  Click Start. In the search field, type Excel 2013 (Work Resources).  Again, as there are multiple versions of excel, please make sure you select the one that says Excel 2013 and runs via Work Resources


When you first launch Excel 2013, you may receive the following error message:


If this happens, click Ok.  From the Activate Office screen, enter your email address and then password, then Sign In


When Excel launches, you may get prompted with the following popup.  If you do, please click Install.  You should only have to do this step once. 


After you click Install, the First things first window will appear.  Select Use recommended settings and click the Accept button.


Using Atlas 6.4 Templates 

4. Once Excel launches, go here: \\\atlas_axp 

All the templates can be found within this folder. 


Open the appropriate folder for your functional area.

Then open the Excel sub folder.


Select the template you want to use.



Manage Data Sources 

Once you open your template, the first thing you need to do is change the Data Source to PROD.

From Excel, click on the Atlas 6.4 tab, then click Tools > Manage Data Sources.



From the Manage Data Sources screen, change the data source to PROD then click Replace.  You will receive a pop-up saying that the Data Source has changed (this may take a bit).  Click Ok.  **Please note that depending on the template, the Manage Data Sources screen may look a bit different. **


It might look like this: 


Alternatively, you might see this:




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