Booking a Mobile Display Unit

Bedrock requires that all meeting organizers book mobile display units for meetings (as they do for conference rooms). If a meeting room does not have a fixed display, a display unit will need to be booked in addition to the meeting room. 

If you require assistance in booking a conference room, please see this article.


  • All equipment checked out for use is the responsibility of the organizer, and must be returned to the IT Service Desk at the conclusion of the meeting. It is your responsibility to retrieve and return the mobile display from and to its dedicated storage space.
  • Be sure to book the display unit and room at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of your meeting to allow yourself time for the transit and configuration of the display.
  • Do not rewire the units. If you believe the unit is incorrectly wired or needs adjustment, please engage the IT Service Desk.
  • If you need to change the input on the unit, please be sure to set it back to what it was originally at the conclusion of your meeting.


Each unit has its own capabilities, so it's important to book the unit that meets your needs.

  • Mobile Display One — This display has a large soundbar for excellent audio; a high-definition webcam; and a full-fledged Windows PC which can be used for Lifesize conferencing. It also has additional inputs for connecting a laptop or other device for display mirroring.
  • Mobile Display Two — This display has a Chrome OS-based PC for web-browsing; a high-definition webcam; wireless conference-ready speaker/mic combination unit; and wireless keyboard/mouse. It also has additional inputs for connecting a laptop or other device for display mirroring.

Booking a Display

To reserve a display unit, simply add it as a resource to your meeting:

  1. In Outlook, create a meeting as you would normally and click the Invite button:
  2. In the To: field, begin typing in the name of the unit you'd like to reserve and select it from the list:

  3. Clicking the Scheduling button to check availability before actually sending the request off.

  4. Invite the remaining members of the meeting (or edit otherwise to your satisfaction) and click the Send button when ready.


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