Adding a Microsoft Conference Bridge to a Teams Meeting

This article takes you through the steps required to add a Microsoft Audio conference bridge to a Teams (or Skype for Business) meeting.

NOTE: If you require the ability to have participants dial in via phone (a la standard conference bridge), as opposed to or in addition to participating via Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business) app, you will need to have an Audio Conferencing license. If you do not have an Audio Conferencing license, please request a license at As there are costs associated, justification will need to be made.

Following the steps below, the resultant meeting will have audio (and video, if desired) capabilities provided by Microsoft Teams, and invitees can choose to participate via the Teams (or Skype for Business) application for desktop or mobile devices, or via phone. Participating via app will yield the highest quality audio.

  1. First, make sure that your Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business) application is open, and that you are signed in.
  2. Next, create your meeting in Outlook as you would normally, but do not add participants yet.
  3. Click the Invite button in the toolbar.

  4. Click the Skype Meeting or Teams Meeting button.

  5. You'll be informed that "meeting details will be added after you send the invitation," indicating that conference bridge dial-in information will be generated and added to the meeting once the meeting has been sent. Add your participants at this time.

  6. Hit the send button.

Done! Your recipients will receive an email with all the information necessary to participate—including members outside of the organization.

For additional information on using Teams, please see the following article:

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