Logging into Cornerstone


  1. In your browser (preferably Google Chrome), navigate to https://shinola.csod.com/samldefault.aspx.
  2. The standard Bedrock Office 365 login page should appear (note the Bedrock Manufacturing logo in the upper left corner). Enter your Bedrock username (which, if you are a Filson user, will be the same as your email address; Shinola employees will need to log in with their username, i.e. hford@shinola.com, as opposed to harrison.ford@shinola.com):

  3. Then, your password:

  4. At this point, you may be prompted with an additional form of authentication. Complete this step, and check the "Don't ask again" checkbox, unless you are on a shared computer.

  5. Done! You should now be logged into Cornerstone.
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