How to submit a support request.


Our efforts to simplify and streamline how all of you reach out for technical support continue: The Help Factory is your one-stop-shop for support. 

Here’s everything you need to remember: 

All support request forms can be found at, along with announcements of service outages and helpful solutions and answers to common issues you may be experiencing. 

Please take a moment to check out 

Contacting Support: 

  • Regardless of severity/impact, enter a support request at Please be sure to pick the appropriate impact level—if it's low, pick low. For clarity on what is critical and what is not, please see below. 
  • If the issue is critical and during standard office hours (8am Eastern time to 5pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday), and you have not heard back in 20 minutes after submitting a request, please call the Bedrock Critical Hotline at (866) 224-1897, and choose option 1 for Retail Support and option 2 for Enterprise Apps. 
  • If the issue is critical and not during standard office hours, please call the Bedrock Critical Hotline at (866) 224-1897, choose option 1 for Retail Support and choose option 2 for Enterprise Apps.  Also, we ask that a support request be entered for tracking purposes. 
  • If the issue is not critical, please enter a support request with the appropriate impact level. 


When submitting a support request: 

  • One or Multiple Support Requests? 
    Multiple issues call for multiple support requests, unless the issues being reported have all emerged very recently (i.e. 20-60 minutes).  
  • Is the issue Critical? 
    If the issue is causing the site or entire department to cease operation (i.e. internet connectivity for entire site down, cannot ship packages, all mobile devices non-functional, or any IT-related issue that is causing a work stoppage on more than 25% of the workforce), the impact level is Critical. 
  • Take the time to provide all information that may be pertinent to the issue(s) and provide accurate information. Situational information is 99% of everything we need to efficiently address a support request. Brevity is bad. 
  • Has anything been done to remedy the situation? If so, either successfully or unsuccessfully, please let us know. This information can be incredibly helpful. 
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