Common Operations Within the Bedrock AXP Environment

Emailing from Dynamics AX

Emailing documents from within Office applications (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint) in the AX environment is currently not supported. If you have a document in AX that you would like to email, simply save that report a place accessible from your computer (desktop, local server, etc.), then attach it to an email authored on your computer from there (instructions on how to do so are below).

Saving Files in Dynamics AX


Your normal drives should be mapped and accessible while in the Microsoft AX environment—simply save files where you normally would. We always recommend, however, storing files in the appropriate departmental share on a server in which they belong, and not to your desktop or My Documents folder.


Macintosh users will automatically have their home folder on their Mac (which contains your Desktop, Documents, Music, Photos, etc. folders) mapped to their AX session, along with any server shares they have access to, making saving easy. Be sure, however, to still choose the correct location when saving files:

We recommend saving to either a normal network share (as shown above, i.e. the "operations" drive), or a location under "home", such as Desktop or Documents. This will make locating the saved document easier for filing to a proper location, dropping into an email application, etc.

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