Refreshing your RemoteApp Application Subscription

The need will arise from time to time to refresh what applications you have available to you via RemoteApp. While this should happen automatically, the interval at which it happens is somewhat random, and forcing a refresh can get you access to your newly-assigned application (or fix the subscription) immediately:


  1. Click the Start button at the bottom-left of your desktop
  2. Type 'RemoteApp' (without the quotes) to search for the remote application settings
  3. Click on 'RemoteApp and Desktop Connections'
  4. Click on Properties
  5. Click the Update Now button, enter your credentials (if asked), then click Finish
  6. Click OK to return to the previous screen

Your applications should now be available to you in your Start menu.

Updating via PowerShell

Start-Process rundll32 -ArgumentList "tsworkspace,TaskUpdateWorkspaces2"


  1. Click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop icon in your menubar.

  2. Then, click Refresh Feeds.

  3. Profit.
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