MPOS: How to Avoid Potential Customer Double-Charges

Advise the customer to wait until the 'Insert Tap or Swipe' Card screen comes up.  They should NOT scan the card until that screen appears after you have totaled the transaction in MPOS.

  • The blue lights, unfortunately, light upon the VeriFone before this screen comes up, so some may think they can scan earlier. IT is looking into if that timing can be changed.


Note: Double charges typically occur when there is a communication error between the VeriFone device and MPOS.  In these instances, the charge is accepted and process completed on VeriFone, but MPOS does not get that acceptance indicator.  Instead MPOS circles while it looks for a processed tender, and then goes back to the transaction screen when it doesn’t find one.  So, it appears that the transaction was not completed, when it in fact was. 

In order to finish out the transaction on MPOS, get your customer a receipt, and ensure proper reconciliation in AX please follow the below steps completely and carefully:

  1. When the transaction completes on VeriFone, but then times out in MPOS it will return to the transaction screen after circling for a while. The transaction is technically paid for but will appear to not be. To complete the transaction and get a receipt for your customer tender the whole transaction amount using a gift card to pay, and enter 12345 as the gift card number.




2. On the customer’s receipt, it will appear that they paid with a gift card. Please advise them that there was a communication error and should they need to return or exchange, they should tell the returning cashier what happened so they can get the refund on their card.  You can also note on the receipt if the customer is okay with it. We do not see many returns of this nature, so we should be the extreme exception to need to do this.

3. Once the transaction is complete and the customer has their receipt, please open an IT ticket on to have the tender corrected and transaction reconciled in back-office AX. The following information must be included in the ticket for proper processing:

  1. Receipt Number
  2. Customer Name
  3. Last 4 digits of the credit card (if processed with Apple Pay please note as that masks the original CC number)
  4. Transaction Amount
  5. Date of Transaction

IMPORTANT: Because the transaction finished on Verifone in these instances, payment has been captured, even though MPOS doesn’t see it.  DO NOT RING THE TRANSACTION AGAIN.  This is the reason for customer double charges 100% of the time. 

If these steps are not followed and the transaction is processed again, this will likely result in a double charge.  If a customer reaches out stating they have been double charged, please follow the below steps to have any applicable refunds processed in a timely fashion:

  1. Ask the customer to provide a copy of their credit card activity showing two posted transactions. Sometimes if a customer swipes during a transaction more than once VeriFone will record a second pending transaction, but that will fall off and will not post. So, first, confirm it is not pending and is, in fact, a posted second charge.
  2. Open an IT ticket at with all the information listed above in the first scenario as well as the statement showing the double charge provided by the customer.
  3. IT/Finance should be able to research and process a refund within 2 business days, as long as all needed information is provided in the ticket when opened. Depending on the customer’s bank, there may be additional processing time before the refund appears in their account activity.

It is critical to follow the proper steps for VeriFone/MPOS communication errors outlined above to avoid needing to refund a customer for a second charge.  Please share with everyone on your team and keep these guidelines in your cash wrap binder.

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