Retail Store employee On-Boarding Process


Please follow these steps for a successful 'IT' On-Boarding:

Have your new employee log into the Back Office PC using the following username and password. They should be forced to change it at first login. If not, please have them press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard and choose Change Password. New Password guidelines: at least 8 characters with at least one Capital letter, one lower case letter, and a number or special character. 


Temp Password: 

After setting a new password, have the employee log into their Office365/Outlook account with their here:

Bedrock Manufacturing also uses Microsoft Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to increase security organization-wide. In it's simplest terms, this means you will need to add and verify a mobile phone number to your Office 365 account, and occasionally receive a numeric code by SMS/Text that needs to be entered AFTER entering your normal password. This is mostly when logging into a new device or browser for the first time, or if suspicious logins are detected for your user account. Most people choose to receive the MFA code by SMS/Text to their mobile phone. 

More details information about MFA can be found in The Help Factory's Help Center here: 

Here we should note that all Shinola retail employees are given a 'default' email address of (Store Name) so that our guests can get an email from a retail employee and it shows their full name and the store they work at. This email address for Shinola retail employees is NOT a login ID for anything Shinola related. Filson uses firstname.lastname as a login ID, so their Office/Outlook portal user ID is unless otherwise noted above. 

Please reboot the Back Office PC and have then test their new password to verify it is working.

We also have a Self Service password portal that can be used to change the password on your Filson/Shinola user account (for logging into computers/mobile devices or the Office/Outlook portal) here:

Salesforce & Storeforce:

Please note Shinola and Filson both use Single Sign On (SSO), this means to access Salesforce or Storeforce they will login using their username and newly set password.


Temp Password: 12345

MPOS logon available start of business on:

The new team member should also be able to log into Salesforce and Storeforce. 

If there are any issues with the On-Boarding process or logging into any programs, please submit an IT Service Desk ticket here:

Please include details about what the issue is, and be as specific as possible and include any error messages, if applicable. 


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