IT Project Request Defined

What is an IT Project?

Projects have defined scope and resources and are completed within a specific time period.  Projects accomplish a singular goal, usually within IT to solve a specific business problem.

IT Projects are a collaboration between IT and other departments.  Projects have a defined business sponsor who can identify the key project deliverables.  The project sponsor is responsible, along with assistance from IT, for the ultimate success of the project. Additionally, to be considered, projects must have the approval of their functional area lead. There are two main categories of IT projects:

New functionality:

Examples: software application, service, or system of any type

These projects often involve one or more of the following IT activities: review of requirements (technical), configuration and installation of a software and/or hardware system, integration of a system or service, enterprise authentication, data feeds from enterprise systems, installation and configuration of hardware.

If you have identified a new application for your functional area, please include IT in the evaluation. Even if you have already identified the solution and have proper funding, there are functional and technical components that need to be evaluated by someone in IT. 

Updates / change to an existing system, application, or report:

Examples: any system, software or hardware currently in production, and an upgrade or functionality enhancement is required.

These projects could be upgrades or enhancements requested by a business sponsor or one of our existing vendors. Changes include upgrades to existing functionality to systems and services (hardware and software), including code, logic, or report changes. Functionality can be added to an existing application by delivering a new feature that augments the original application.


What happens after you have submitted your IT Project request?

Your request will be reviewed and analyzed by IT to determine scope and cost. Some of the factors in the analysis include:

Resource Availability (estimated resource hours internal and external)

Benefit (What will we gain by completing this project? What will be the return on investment?)

Risk (What other functional areas will be impacted by the change? Does the benefit outweigh any potential risks?)

After your request has been analyzed and if it is determined to be of small effort it will be completed in order of priority.  If your request will require a large level effort or spend to be completed it will be reviewed by the Steering Committee amongst other current IT initiatives and prioritized.

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