Bartender and Print Station Troubleshooting

Bartender and its Print Station component are fairly trouble-prone products (especially Print Station). 

Printers Not Available

As Bartender/Print Station builds its printer list when the application launches, printers that map in your remote session after Bartender/Print Station launches won't be visible until after a re-launch of the application. To do so:

  1. Close out of the application by clicking the red X in the upper right corner of the application:

  2. Once closed, wait 5 seconds and re-open it as you would normally, then try to print again.

If the desired printers are still not visible:

  1. Log out of your remote session (how),
  2. Re-open the application as you would normally, then try to print again.

If your printers are still not visible, you may have a corrupt remote profile, which requires intervention by The Help Factory. Please fill out a support form at Mentioning what the issue is, and what you've done to address it, will greatly speed up the support process.

Labels Not Available

If you are getting a message that no label files are available or in the location you're viewing, one of two things may be occurring:

  • you do not have access to the file share in which our label files are stored, or
  • your Print Station software is not configured to look in the correct location for them (note: if you are using the RemoteApp version of Print Station [the "Work Resources" version], you should not have to specify a location).

Verify Access

First, verify that you have access to the share by navigating to (without the quotes) "\\\barcode". If you are told that you do not have access, email and request access to the Barcode / Bartender share. 

Specify Folder

If you have access, but your Print Station software is showing a dialog box asking you to specify a location for your label files, enter the following and click OK:


Prompted for Database Credentials

Leave the credentials pre-filled in the dialog box, and simply hit OK.


There are other issues that may arise, such as Bartender becoming unresponsive, that may be resolved by simply logging out of your remote session, then back in. Follow these instructions to reset your remote session:

If you still encounter issues, let us know by filling out a request here.

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