Posting Product Receipt: Resolving error message “Physical remaining quantity in the unit X must be other than X”

When posting the product receipt, you may encounter an error message similar to below:


 This article explains why the message occurs and how to correct the error on the Product Receipt.

Understanding why this error occurs

This message means that there is a discrepancy between two fields in the Line Details tab within the Product Receipt:

  • Product Receipt “Deliver Remainder”
  • Inventory “Deliver Remainder”




The product receipt Deliver remainder field shows the remaining quantity yet to be registered in the Purchase unit of measure.


The Inventory Deliver remainder field shows the remaining quantity yet to be registered in the Inventory unit of measure.


The system calculates the Inventory quantity based on the Unit Conversions from the Released Product for each item on the Purchase Order. 


For example, on the Released Product for the Item/Variant on the order, there is a unit conversion of 1 Roll = 6840 inches.

The Purchase Order quantity is 2 rolls so the system is calculating that the Inventory quantity on the Purchase Order is 13,680 inches.


If the Item/Variant’s Unit Conversion is changed while there are open Purchase Order Lines, the purchase order does not recalculate the inventory based on the new unit conversion.  Due to this, the line should be deleted and re-added in order for the system to be able to recalculate the inventory Purchase Order quantity.


If this is not done, you will receive the error when posting the product receipt.  If this error occurs, you can fix the issue directly on the product receipt as discussed in the next section.



Updating the Deliver Remainder fields on the Product Receipt

Navigate to Company>Procurement & Sourcing> Common> Purchase Orders> All Purchase Orders


  1. Find the Purchase Order where the Product Receipt should be posted
  2. Go to the Receive tab and select “Product Receipt”



  1. Enter the Product receipt number in the Overview tab
  2. On the Product Receipt, navigate to the Line Details tab



In the example above, the error message will occur as the Product receipt deliver remainder is showing 0 but the inventory deliver remainder is 17,520.00 units.  Since the inventory quantity relies on the product receipt quantity (Purchase UOM qty), this is clearly an issue.


  1. Determine the correct Deliver remainder quantity
    1. Leave the Product Receipt window open
    2. On the Purchase Order, navigate to the General tab and select Line Quantity



  1. The Line Quantity window will open
    1. The Upper pane lists the progression of each Purchase Order line in the Purchase Unit of Measure quantities
    2. The lower pane lists the Inventory unit of measure quantities for the line selected in the upper pane.



  1. In the example above, the Quantity and Registered value match so there should be no deliver remainder quantities in the Product Receipt Line Details form
  1. Update the Deliver Remainder quantities
    1. Back in the Product Receipt on the Line Details tab, make the necessary change to the Product Receipt Deliver remainder field. This will update the Inventory Deliver remainder value
    2. If there is no deliver remainder
      1. Type 0 in the Product Receipt Deliver remainder field and then press tab.



  1. The Inventory deliver remainder will update to reflect the correct quantity
  1. If there is a Deliver remainder
    1. Type the deliver remainder in the Purchase UOM qty as listed in the Line Details form into the Product Receipt Deliver remainder field and then press tab
    2. The Inventory deliver remainder will update to reflect the correct quantity
  2. The two Deliver Remainder fields will now match


  1. Make sure to check each line on the product receipt by navigating to the Lines tab, selecting the line and then navigating to the Line details tab to correct the line
  2. Once all lines on the Product Receipt have been corrected, press OK to post the product receipt
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