Resetting and re-pairing tablet Bluetooth scanner


The scanners used with the mobile POS tablets are connected via Bluetooth. If the scanner or tablet is replaced the scanner will need to be reconnected with the tablet. The following steps will help you reconnect or re-pair the scanner with the tablet. 


Make sure that is scanner is charged.

The scanner needs to be re-set to factory settings first. Scan this bar code:


The scanner will beep several times and turn off.

  1. Turn the scanner back on by holding down the button on the side of the scanner for a second or two. It will beep with ascending tones. 
  2. Note: since these scanners are Bluetooth (with about 20 foot range) it’s advised to re-pair the scanners away from the other tablets & scanners.
  3. On the tablet, find Settings > Bluetooth devices

4. Turn off the Bluetooth switch

5. Confirm the scanner is on (small blue light on the side)

6. On the Tablet turn Bluetooth back on

7. The scanner may take a min to appear in the list. Note: it may first appear as a keyboard. It may change to read socket scanner.

8. Press the Pair button. The progress bar should show that it’s being paired and then when complete. Have patience, sometimes this steps takes a min or two.

9. After it pairs, test the scanner with the tablet. An easy way to test is to open the search window again (like in the previous step)

Scan something.... the bar code should populate. 


You're done!

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