Resetting and Re-pairing a Socket Bluetooth Scanner

The scanners used with the mobile POS tablets are connected via Bluetooth. If the scanner or tablet is replaced the scanner will need to be reconnected with the tablet. The following steps will help you reconnect or re-pair the scanner with the tablet. 

If the scanner is not misconfigured, a simple unpairing-and-pairing will suffice:

  1. Turn on the scanner holding the power button (two short ascending tones).
  2. While holding the scan button, press and hold the power button until you hear three short descending tones. This will unpair, reset and power down the scanner, which will be discoverable upon next power on.
  3. Power on the scanner, and pair it through Windows as you would normally.

Done. Test the unit by scanning a barcode into a text editor, such as Notepad or WordPad. If the device does not function properly, please refer to the legacy instructions below to do a factory reset.

Please see the manufacturer-provided user manual for further details.

Legacy Instructions

Make sure that is scanner is charged.

The scanner needs to be reset to factory settings first. Scan this bar code (note: you may need to print this code to scan it):


The scanner will beep several times and turn off.

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