Powering Off Your Tablet

(Copied from Retail HC, authored by Martin Haest)

We have changed the way the power button works on your tablet. 

Now when you are operating on battery power, the power button is set to "do nothing" if pressed.

That means you don't need to worry about accidentally pressing it and having to wait a few minutes to reboot and resume your work.

The only time this button works is while the tablet is plugged into power and charging. So in order to power off your tablet you will need to plug it into it's power adapter and then hit the power button or just wait 10 minutes, as they will power themselves off without you. 

So if you are needing a reboot and can't get back to the charger quickly, you'll need to follow these instructions to reboot while on battery power.

  1. Tap the windows icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Then tap the power icon
  3. Select Restart or Shutdown
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