New Employee Tech Request Form How-to

New Employee Name

Fairly self-explanatory. This is the new employee’s name, as it should appear in the Global Address List and on outgoing emails.

Requestor Email

The email address of the individual filling out the new hire tech request form.


The location that will serve as the new employee’s home base. It is important to choose the appropriate location and location type, as this determines which distribution lists the employee will be on:

  • Cxxx locations are corporate offices
  • SRxxx are Shinola retail locations
  • FRxxx are Filson retail locations
  • Fxxx are production “factories”
  • Dxxx are distribution centers

Company Email Domain

The domain(s) you’d like the new employee to have an email address on. If more than one, please specify which you’d like the primary to be in the Notes field.

Computer Required

If the new employee requires a computer (and his/her role justifies), please specify which type. Any special requests should be specified in the Notes field.

Software Required

Which software packages the employee requires. Please note that all licensing will be charged back to the department. ONLY choose the software that you know the employee requires.

Dynamics AX/MPOS Access

Which level of access is required by the employee to perform their duties in Dynamics AX/MPOS.

Employee Start Date

The new employee’s start date (note: not the date which you’d like to have all equipment/accounts ready by).

Server / Share Access Required

Which file shares on the primary Detroit file server the new employee requires access to.

Employee Title

The new employee’s official title. This will appear in the company directory.

Desk Phone

If the employee requires a desk phone (depending on availability).


Which entity the new employee is technically employed by.

Reports To (Email)

Who the new employee reports to, which may or may not be who is submitting the tech request form.


The employee’s status with the company.


Any other points of clarification or detail that are important to the onboarding of the employee (i.e. software or hardware requirements or location information not available elsewhere on the form).

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