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Our efforts to simplify and streamline how all of you reach out for support continue: Today we’re launching The Help Factory, your one-stop-shop for support.

Here’s everything you need to remember:

No more links to forms, no more triage email addresses, etc. While we still require forms for certain types of requests, all support request forms can be found at at, along with announcements of service outages and helpful solutions and answers to common issues you may be experiencing.

Please take a moment to check out—I think you’ll find it quite intuitive. To submit a request, just click the “Submit a request” link in the upper-right corner, select the type of request you’d like to submit, and fill out the form. When you’re done, click Submit. You can expect to receive a response within 2 business hours.

If your request is, however, critical (i.e. complete site outage or work stoppage for many employees), the Help Factory Crisis Hotline may be reached at (866) 224-1897. It must be stressed that this is the nuclear option: making use of this may wake up numerous employees across the globe, so please make use of this option wisely.

We’re committed to providing a level of support that you find exemplary. If you feel that you’re experiencing otherwise, please let us (me) know at

Thank you!

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