How to Configure Factory Digital Clocks

This article is to explain how to reset, configure, or update the Factory Digital Clocks.

***Note: these clocks are now on "The Factory" SSID with no radius authentication***

  • With the clock powered on, Remove the top left cover plate to access the configuration buttons:
  • Plug in a network cable from a laptop to the port on the bottom of the clock:
  • Statically set the laptop to a 192.168.1.X network address,
    • To access the web interface of the clock press “CONFIG-MODE” on the clock:
    • Then in a web browser go to
  • Login with the following username & Password
    • User: admin
    • Password: admin1234
  • You will then be able to modify any of the clocks settings.
  • Once you have completed all configuration changes
    • Apply them via the web interface
    • Press the reset button just above the display
    • Unplug the network cable
  • The clock will reboot and display the time after a self test.


Vendor Contact:


Scot Smith

(248) 960-3700

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