Activation of Microsoft Applications in Enterprise Application Environment

What's Happening

When attempting to view your AX data in Excel within the Microsoft AX environment (or if you do anything else that would invoke Word, PowerPoint or other Office applications), you may be prompted to activate your software:

Alternatively, you may have already been prompted to activate, but have dismissed this prompt and are now being told your software has been unlicensed:

How To Fix It

The solution to this is easy: simply close out of all Excel (or Word, or PowerPoint) windows that were opened by AX, then attempt your action again, opening Excel, which should then prompt you to activate.

Then, provide your, or email address, and your domain password. After a few moments, your Office applications should be re-activated.

NOTE: Please be aware that your domain "User ID" may differ from your email address. While your email address may be, your user ID may be, so try one of our other domains ( vs. if you're told that your User ID or password is incorrect.

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