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Conference rooms in Exchange/Office 365 can be thought of as "attendees" of a meeting: you invite them to your meeting along with your other participants, and if their calendar permits, they will "auto-accept" your invitation and the location of the meeting will be set to that conference room.

Keep in mind that you can set your meeting up with a conference room ahead of time, without attendees, then invite them at a later time once you've solidified the details of your meeting. This allows you to reserve a conference room ahead of time, ensuring availability.

Outlook for Windows

  1. Create a calendar event on your calendar at the time and date you desire.
  2. Fill in the event details as you'd like your attendees to see them.
  3. Click on Scheduling Assistant. This view allows you to add your invitees, as well as a location/room, viewing their availability.

  4. Click the Add Rooms button, and choose your desired conference rooms by either double-clicking on each, or selecting the desired room(s) and clicking the "Rooms ->" button. Note: you can add several conference rooms in order to view their availability before settling on a single room.

  5. Click the OK button. After a few moments, you will see the conference room availability in the timeline. Choose the conference room that meets your needs, and uncheck the others.

  6. Then, click the Add Attendees button, and add your attendees from the employee list, or adding them manually.
  7. Once complete, click the Send button (located in the upper left of the window).


Outlook for Mac

  1. Create a calendar event on your calendar at the time and date you desire.
  2. In the details of your meeting, fill in the event details as you'd like your attendees to see them.

  3. Click on the Invite button, then the Scheduling button.

  4. In the Scheduling Assistant tab, click the plus button under Recent Rooms.
  5. Enter "Detroit Conference" and wait for the pulldown menu to appear. Click on the meeting room you'd like to book, then click the "Check Availability" button.

  6. Choose an available time slot that works best for you. If that room hasn't any, try again on a different day, or with another room altogether.

  7. Once you've chosen your meeting room, add your other invitees to the meeting, and click Send. Within moments, you'll receive an email stating that your meeting has been accepted by the conference room you booked. If you are declined, this means your time slot was not available: open your meeting, and try again with a different time/room.


Outlook for Web

  1. Log into Outlook for Web, and navigate to your Calendar.
  2. Create your event by highlighting the time slot on your calendar on the appropriate date.
  3. Fill in the basic details, then click More options in the lower right corner of the meeting details pop-up.


  4. Fill in the remaining details, then click on the Search for a room or location field. You will be presented with a list of available rooms at your specified time and date.

  5. Type to filter the results down, or click Browse more rooms to be presented with a comprehensive list of rooms, including rooms unavailable at your chosen time (if you wish).


  6. Click Save. Done!

Apple Mail

This only works if your Apple Mail, Contacts and Calendar applications have been configured for Bedrock corporate email using the Internet Accounts options in System Preferences.

  1. Create your event in Calendar, and double-click on it to modify it.
  2. Open Contacts, and do a search for your meeting room by name (i.e. "Detroit Conference").
  3. Back in Calendar, click the Add Invitees… link in your meeting details, and drag in the conference room you'd like to book.
  4. Click the Available Meeting Times… link to verify the availability of the room, and adjust accordingly.
  5. Add in your other invitees and modify any other details you'd like. Click Send, and you're done! 

If you decide to change your meeting time or location, simply update the event in your calendar itself, and all of your invitees—including the conference room itself—will be updated automatically.

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