Performance Issues When Working with Transfer Order

The process below will help you work around a (temporary) performance issue we're currently experiencing with Dynamics AX around Transfer Orders.

First, change your default settings for forms to enable filtering on the grid:

  1. Log into Dynamics AX, and navigate to File > Tools > Options:

  2. Check the Filter by grid on by default option, click the Close button, then close and relaunch Dynamics AX.
    1. Note: this step only has to be done once.  The filter will then default on all grids in AX going forward.

Avoiding Lagging when Adding Transfer Order Lines

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management\Periodic\Transfer Orders
  2. Click New
  3. Populate the "From warehouse", "To warehouse" and "Ship date fields"
  4. In the Lines section, select Add
  5. Move the "Bar code" field to the far left of the grid
  6. In the "Bar code" field, select the down arrow
  7. Use the filters on the top of the grid to filter down to the Item/Variant to add to the Transfer order
  8. Select the line to add
  9. The line has now been added to the Transfer order


Avoiding the Receive Now navigation and Lagging when Receiving Transfer Order Lines

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management\Periodic\Transfer Update\Receive
  2. Press the select button
  3. Enter the desired query to indicate which TO's should be selected.
    1. This can be a specific Transfer Order Number, a Ship or Receipt date and/or a specific From or To warehouse
  4. Press OK
  5. A list of Transfer orders that meet the query specified will populate
  6. If there is a Transfer order listed that should not be received, select that line and press Alt F9 to delete that line.
  7. Once the desired Transfer orders are selected, press Batch
  8. Tick the Batch processing check box.
    1. This will run the process behind the scenes in order to avoid any lagging
  9. Press OK
  10. A message will populate stating that the process is set up to run in batch

Troubleshooting no lines for posting error

Note that you may receive the message that there were no lines for posting. 

To troubleshoot those lines:

  1. Go back into the Receive screen, and re-select the query to use
  2. This screen defaults to Receive now quantity.  Check Edit lines to see if any lines populate.  
  3. If no lines populate, that means there are no lines with Receive now quantity on the Transfer order
  4. Change the Update field to Shipment and populate the Shipment voucher number by selecting the number from that field.
  5. With Edit lines ticked, lines will populate in the lower
  6. Press OK to receive that TO based on the shipped quantity


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