Z report lookup in AX Retail

This article describes looking up a Z-report for a store in AX


[Company] > Retail > Inquiries > Shifts


Use the drop-downs to select the Store number and Register number



The Register number can be found in the upper right hand corner on the MPOS screen for the register you're trying to pull the Z report for.

In this example SR032-02 (Shinola Dallas, Register 02)




Enter the Shift from date & Shift to date (if needed):


Click on Z-Report 



To save the Z-Report:


Click on the Save icon, select PDF



Select the location on the AX computer to Save the file, click on Save



To retrieve the File from the AX computer click on Save > PDF in the Z-Report again


Right click on the saved file, Select Cut


Minimize the AX screen and go to the Desktop of our own computer. Right click on the desktop and select Paste








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