Reviewing Inventory from the Common>On-hand inventory Screen

The On-hand inventory screen in Inventory Management in the Common section of the area page populates faster than the screen in the Inquiries section as filters are applied prior to the form populating.

Below are the steps for accessing the screen.

Navigation path: Inventory Management/Common/On-hand inventory


A form will populate with filters to apply.  Populate the filters based on the output desired in the On hand screen.  The below example illustrates viewing inventory for a specific Item and Warehouse.


Press OK to populate the form.

Make sure the Dimension Display is set to the desired combination.  This cannot be done through personalize. Find the Display button on the ribbon and select Dimensions.

Select the dimensions to populate, tick the Save setup box and press OK



Transactions, Net requirements, and multiple other details can be viewed by selecting the various buttons on the ribbon.


To change the applied filters, select Ctrl F3 on the keyboard.  This will populate the query form. Change the query and press OK to repopulate.

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