RF Receiving: The product dimensions do not exist on the purchase order

This article explains the reason behind the error "the product dimensions do not exist on the purchase order" when attempting to receive a line on a Purchase Order.

The error will occur in RF receiving after a quantity is entered and you press "OK"

This indicates that one of the dimensions in Purchase Order lines that is required is not populated.  Typically, this means that the Warehouse is missing from Purchase Order lines.


To fix the immediate issue, select edit on the Purchase Order and add the warehouse where the items will be received.

To prevent this error from happening in the future, review the Released Product set up and make sure that the Default Order Settings as well as the Site Specific Order Settings are populated for the item.  This will allow the warehouse to be inherited on the Purchase Order when the Item is entered.

Navigation Path: Product Information Management>Released Products>Plan tab>Default Order Settings & Site Specific Order Settings.


Make sure the highlighted fields are populated.




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