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  Release Features

  New Hotfixes 



  Known Issues and Problems

  Revision History











Release Features

New HotFixes


KB4013976 - No attributes are inherited for the stores when using multiple level organizations

KB4032208 - Hidden attributes like RetailAttributesGlobalLookup and RetailAttributesGlobalLookupPOSDisallowDiscount are assigned to Product

KB3214683 - "Product XXX is already assigned into hierarchy Channel navigation hierarchy" error when assigning the same produce to two categories in Retail product hierarchy

KB4021419 - Friendly name' for hierarchy categories is not visible when using Add products option on sales order lines

KB4023253 - "Cannot insert multiple records" error when closing category hierarchy form after inserting node

KB4010400 - "A currency code must be specified" error when creating a condition with the amount field in Workflow editor

KB4012357 - "Work items assigned to me" page displays no vendor name in ID field if using Vendor invoice line workflow configuration

KB4018502 - Stop errors when recalling initial workflow

KB3206661 - Assortment processing will exclude products that are marked as Stop selling from the assortment

KB4032643 - "The transactions on voucher xxx do not balance as per <Date>" error you invoice sales order with pro-rated charges

KB4014453 - The MPOS receipt format is incorrect


KB3216672 - All records are removed when removing only selected record for the same product



VSTS287 - Add SKSoft to the menu for modules

VSTS288 - Customer Address DIXF entity SunTAF changes

VSTS284 - BHS Support Case CAS-01824-G5T4T5 - BHS Support Case CAS-01824-G5T4T5 - Customer and PO # to Commercial Invoice

VSTS283 - Data change job - RemoveEmail4Company

VSTS280 - Security Update - 7/25/2017

VSTS286 - Code Recon for changes from KB Installs



There are no fixes in this release

Known Issues and Problems

Related to VSTS284, some data are still not being populated correctly in some circumstances.



Revision History



Summary of Changes


Revision Marks



Final Revision

Nathan Clouse




Initial revision.

Katelyn Main










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