Atlas Ribbon not Showing in Excel

Atlas functionality is accessible through the ribbon in Excel:


If the Atlas tab is not showing on the ribbon in Excel, this could be due to one of two reasons

  • Work Resources Excel App was open prior to logging into Atlas
  • Atlas add-in is disabled or marked as inactive in Work Resources Excel

If Excel was open prior to logging into Atlas, simply close Work Resources Excel and open a new worksheet.

If that does not solve the problem, follow the below steps to make sure the Atlas Add-in is not disabled or marked as inactive.

1. Click the Office Button at the top left corner of Excel
2. From the menu that is shown, click the button Excel options
3. Click to select Add-ins:

4. At the base of the add-ins form, use the drop-down list to select Disabled items:

5. Click Go..
6. When the form of disabled items appears, you will see a list of add-ins Excel has disabled. If Atlas is one of these, click to select it from the list and then press the Enable button
7. Close the Disabled items form
8. Use the drop-down list from step 4 (manage) to select COM add-ins:

9. Click Go…
10. The Atlas add-in will now be in this list and will be un-ticked:

11. Tick the Atlas add-in and then click OK
12. The add-in for Atlas will re-appear.
On occasions it the add-in might not be disabled, but instead, marked as inactive. In which case, simply follow steps 8 through 12, above.

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