Changing Your Domain Password via Self-Service Portal

Bedrock Support offers you the ability to change your password via our self-service portal. This web-based portal allows you to change your domain password in cases where you do not have access to your computer, cannot change your domain password using your computer due to malfunction, or if you are using Bedrock-hosted resources but are not a Bedrock employee.

Note about the below: the Office 365 login portal may guide you into resetting your password using the password reset process at, which does not work. Please use the portal at the address above if you find yourself looking at a screen similar to those shown here:


If you are a Bedrock-issued computer-carrying employee (Bedrock, Filson, Shinola), we urge you to attempt to change your password the "proper" way first (Windows, Mac). In some situations, however, resetting via self-service portal is the only option. If you do not have a Bedrock-issued computer, the self-service portal is your best option.

Depending on your circumstances, you may run into a few side-effects of using the portal to reset your password:

  • If you're on a Mac, you may need to update your Keychain password. If your Mac doesn't prompt you to do so, these instructions will guide you through how to change it to match your new domain password.
  • If you're a remote user who's computer is not on the Bedrock network on a regular basis, your new password may not synchronize to your computer. In this case, you may need to log into your computer with your old password, but log into cloud-based services (email, Office 365, iMeet Central, etc.) with your new password. Once your computer can reach the Bedrock network, it will reconcile the change with the domain.

To reset your password via our self-service portal, please do the following:

  1. Log into the portal at

    Note: If your email address ends with, please use SHINOLA\(firstinitial+lastname) for your Username (i.e. "SHINOLA\mdanielson"). If your email address ends with, please use BEDROCKMFG\(firstname+lastname) for your username.

  2. Once in, click the Change Password link (lower right).


  3. Enter your current password in the Old password field, then what you'd like to change your password to in the New password field (requirements), and again in the Confirmation field.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Done!

Within a few minutes, applications on your computer that need to log into your Office 365 or domain account will likely prompt you for your password, as it was changed. If you use your Office 365 account on your mobile device, it may take a few hours for it to prompt for your new password (but will continue to function in the meantime).

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