Project Request Lifecycle

Throughout the IT Project Request Management Process, the requester will have the ability to review the status of a request at any time.

The status of each request throughout the IT Project Request Management lifecycle is defined below:

Request Submitted: Request submitted to IT for Review

FAL Approval 1: Request is pending until Functional Area Lead approval is granted

Gatekeeper Approval: IT Designated Gatekeepers will review the request once approved by FAL and determine which IT Resource should conduct a brief analysis

BA Analysis: An IT business analyst has been assigned to conduct a brief analysis

FAL Approval 2: Request is pending until Functional Area Lead review and secondary approval is granted

CapEx Determination: IT designated Gatekeepers will assess if CapEx will be required for request to be completed

Steer Comm Approval: Request is pending steering committee review, evaluation and prioritization

Approved: Request has been approved, and is in the IT queue 

Discovery: Request has been assigned to a member of IT to gather requirements and determine the best solution

Development: Actively working on building project deliverables

Testing: Subject matter experts from each functional area are testing provided solution

Production: Project deliverables are available in production

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