Retail Support Requests and Escalation

Or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Help Factory"

Reaching Out for Help

If you find yourself requiring technical assistance with applications or devices in the retail environment, please follow the following process:

  1. Ask your manager.
    Your store manager and/or assistant store manager is a great resource to reach out to before escalating the issue to Bedrock Support, as she/he may be aware of existing SOP that resolves your issue, or may be aware of known system-wide issues impacting performance.
  2. Fill out a Retail Support form.
    If the current issue is beyond the capabilities of local resources, reach out to Bedrock Support via our Retail Support Form. Please be as complete as possible when filling out this form: omitting information only slows down our efforts to serve you as quickly as possible.
  3. [Critical situations only!] Call the Bedrock Critical Support Hotline.
    In situations of a truly critical nature, please have your store manager or ASM reach out via the Critical Support Hotline at 866-224-1897. While you are doing so, it would be advisable to also fill out a Retail Support Form and specify the issue as critical (but not required). Examples of what would constitute a "critical" situation are:
    • Complete network outage or no internet access.
    • Not able to log in on all registers.
    • Stuck transactions on all registers.
    • Loss of power.

Note: in the event of an actual emergency, please dial 911.

What Not To Do

  • Call support agents directly. Not only do you risk reaching someone while out on leave or vacation, the person you're reaching out to may not be the best person for the issue you're experiencing.
  • Email critical support requests to Bedrock Support. All support requests submitted via email are considered low in priority.
  • Call the Critical Support Hotline with issues that are not actually critical. Abuse of this option may be met with disciplinary action.
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