Adding Inventory Dimensions to AX Forms

Most fields in AX are added to forms by right clicking in the AX form and selecting "Personalize" then "Add fields". However, inventory dimensions cannot successfully be added this way. While often these fields will show as available within "Add fields", the information will not correctly populate and/or the layout will not be maintained.

Adding Dimension Display

To successfully add the fields to AX forms:

  1. Select the Dimensions Display button:

  2. Then select the dimensions to add to the form.
  3. Make sure to tick the Save setup check box so that the specified Inventory dimensions always populate on the form.
  4. Press OK


Locating Dimension Display

This button can be found in most forms that relate to Items in some way. Unfortunately, this button is not in a universal location and so can be difficult at times.

Below are some common forms with the location of dimension display.

Sales Order, Purchase Order or Transfer Order

In the order lines section, find the button that ends in "..order line", Select "Dimensions" from the "Display" section


Find the Inventory button and select "Dimensions display":

Production Orders

On the View tab, select the "Dimensions" button from the "Display" grouping:


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