Installing and Configuring Microsoft OneDrive for Macintosh


  1. Click here to download the version that we need (referred to as "standalone"). Do not install the version of OneDrive available in the Mac App store. If already installed, please remove before installing the version linked to above.
  2. Once downloaded, open the file and install as you would any other software:


  1. Launch the application from your Applications folder and sign into your Office 365 account.


  2. Next, OneDrive will guide you through where your files are, and ask you which files you'd like to synchronize from your OneDrive folder in the cloud:
  3. At this screen the setup is complete, click the Open my OneDrive - Bedrock Mfg folder button to be taken directly to your OneDrive folder.

  4. Done!

Basic usage instructions for OneDrive can be found in our Using Microsoft OneDrive for Business article.

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