Release Notes 6.3.5000.0005.00

Release Features

New HotFixes





VSTS289 – Enables tracking credit limit in customer currency as well as company currency

VSTS291 - Expose data for Precision Forms to consume in Container Contents report

VSTS292 - Expose fields for on form “Relapsed Product” (EcoResProductDetailsExtended) for personalization

VSTS303 - Allow for entering of a default return warehouse on customers which is used when creating a return order

VSTS304 - Show Inbound and DC Retail on MPOS Inventory Lookup; HQ Only


VSTS306 - Add salesperson to MPOS transaction lines; HQ Only


VSTS307 - Customer Email Opt In/Out Date Tracking; HQ Only


VSTS318 - Adds release # to help form; HQ Only

VSTS319 - Batch Job to email tracking info for retail customer orders



There are no fixes in this release

Known Issues and Problems

Related to VSTS284, some data are still not being populated correctly in some circumstances.



Revision History



Summary of Changes


Revision Marks



Final Revision

Nathan Clouse




Initial revision.

Katelyn Main










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