Accessing the Bedrock Enterprise Applications TEST/TRAIN (AXT) Environment

This document outlines the steps necessary to access the Enterprise Applications AXT (Test and Train) environments.


  • to access the AXT environment, users must be either on the corporate LAN (i.e. in a Bedrock facility), or connected to the Bedrock corporate LAN via VPN connection.
  • users must be provisioned for access to the AXT environment and/or specific applications. If you do not have access, please request such at

Standard Access

Access to our AXT (Test and/or Train) environment is provided via RemoteApp, just as our current AXP (production) environment has been (instructions here). If you do not have access to the applications in TEST/TRAIN that you require, please submit a request via, and access will be provisioned.

Note: if you were recently given access to our AXT resources, but they are not showing up in your Start menu as RemoteApps, you may need to manually update your RemoteApps (instructions).

Consultant / Vendor Access

You can access the current environment by connecting to using Remote Desktop Connection / RDC Manager. 

Please do not connect and/or save RDC shortcuts using the current IP address of that host, as this will more than likely cease to function at some point. Using a hostname will ensure that your connection request will be routed to the correct server.

If you cannot access the environment, please reach out to your Bedrock business analyst for assistance.

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