Logging into Atlas

To use Atlas, you must first log into the client, which will then enable the Excel plugins in your "Work Resources" version of Excel. Be sure to log in before launching Excel (Work Resources), otherwise the needed connection will not be made.

Note: If you do not have Atlas permissions yet, please reach out to The Help Factory (support.bedrock.com). If you've been given access to Atlas, but unable to find the applications mentioned below in your Start menu, please restart your computer and try again before reaching out for assistance.

To log into Atlas:

  1. Open the Atlas 6 Logon application from your Windows Start menu (Work Resources section), or from the Remote Resources section of Microsoft Remote Desktop, if accessing from a Mac.
  2. In the Atlas 6 Logon app, log in using your domain credentials in the DOMAIN\username format:

  3. Click Login.
  4. Done!
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